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Be special

September 25, 2008

These are crazy times indeed. Stocks are plummeting. Jobs are disappearing. Budgets are shrinking. Oh, and the Patriots are losing.

Serving clients is challenging enough and adding a sagging economy to the mix doesn’t help much. All this said, your PR campaign is most likely living under a magnifying glass these day. Embrace the it, don’t run from it. If you do, you’ll start seeing the backs of your (former) clients running from you.

Internally, at the agency, we constantly remind ourselves that it’s infinitely easier to part with an outsourced administrative vendor than a strategic communications partner. So what are you doing that’s special?

  • market the hell out of your team’s successes (daily can be obnoxious, weekly is sensible)
  • send a framed clip of that NY Times article featuring your client
  • if you’re struggling with generating successes (i.e. media hits), start outlining the turnaround plan. NOW
  • book an hour brainstorm with the client for next week
    • if they’re within 200 miles, do the brainstorm IN PERSON
    • strongly recommend product leads/engineers/developers attend
    • deliver the ideas and output document within 72 hours
  • draft an email to the client’s sales team requesting customer references for releases and/or media interviews
    • attach a few recent articles featuring customers.
    • call out the specific sales reps who have worked well with PR.
  • start asking questions about 2009
  • start developing the 2009 straw man PR plan
  • start being special
  • stop being an admin
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