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Just Announced: Reporter Tips

September 9, 2008

It seems every couple of months, a journalist/blogger issues a cease and desist order directed towards the PR profession. Then, like clockwork, the piling on begins followed by post-postmortem “advice” (sometimes genuine and sometimes patronizing) for PR professionals. Bottom-line: we need to adapt and change or become obsolete. Fair enough, indeed. I purposely did not blog about nor comment on the most frequent dust up in mid August. It bored me.

What isn’t so boring is CNET reporter Rafe Needleman’s Pro PR Tips. Ironically, his tips have come fast and furious since the mid August harangue on PR. And they are VERY GOOD. Here’s one that made me laugh out loud.

So, in the spirit of sharing (funny) tips to help us PR professionals do our jobs, I thought we could occasionally pass along a bit of advice for our brethren in the media profession. Here’s the first installment of Reporter Tips:

Tip #1: Homework

When we familiarize ourselves with your recent columns, your tone, your structure, and tie a story angle into a larger trend in well constructed pitch, at least give the courtesy of a reply. Especially if we chat and you request a follow-up email.

Go ahead and send me some suggestions which I can share – I know you have plenty.

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