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Perez Hilton Does Good, Then Gets Slapped

August 29, 2008

Dear Paul (for The Whole Nine Yards readers: the CEO of With Wings and a Halo – R.E.A.C.H. a Child! charity),

Was your condescending, mordant, poorly written, and ill advised note to Perez Hilton asking him to take down your free advertisement really a brilliant ploy to increase your site’s traffic (and, hopefully, donations)? Because if that’s the case – HIGH FIVES to you. 4,500 visitors today – not too shabby. Probably about 4,480 more than you typically get, I would imagine. For a bit of perspective, according to Alexa, your site’s traffic is ranked #14,550,203 while this blog is ranked #8,181,127. Perez Hilton is #448.

However, if your note was genuine, you’re so incredibly out of touch with the grassroots power of social media today you’re doing your kids and your charity an ENORMOUS disservice. As a result of your actions, just take a look at a few of the 325 comments from real people and prospective donors. Though you may get traffic to your site, you certainly won’t be getting donations based on reading the 340 comments (in seven hours since it posted this afternoon at 2:00pm).

You struck out BIG TIME.

Next time, if you disagree with an opinion, for example, and chose to battle it out in the ring of social media, aim before firing. Choose your words carefully. If not, you’ll create more like commenter #299.

I’m curious what Hilton’s other charities have to say. What say you Stand Up To Cancer, Noah’s Wish, Tail’s of Hope? For every response I receive from these charities as well as Wings and a Halo to hear their side of the story, I will personally donate $25 to each organization.

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