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WSJ no longer “In the Lead” with this loss

July 14, 2008

Just learned through Jeff Bercovici of Mixed Media that the blood letting continues at the WSJ. This time it really hits home with one of my favorite workplace reporters/editors/columnists, Carol Hymowitz.

Reading about the art and science of management can be extremely dry. Nothing could be further from the truth with Carol’s In the Lead columns. Despite only being in a managerial role for four years, often times I found myself relating to the column’s content. Or, at the very least, thinking more about the message and applying it to my daily professional life.

Though I hold little in common with the issues discussed in the newly launch Journal Women section, I still found myself reading Carol’s pieces. Like today’s Not Just a Ladies’ Room. Sometimes it’s good to see what the other half thinks..;)

Good luck, Carol. I look forward to reading you in future – wherever you land.

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