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The War Against Boston College

July 10, 2008

I graduated from Boston College in 1997 with a BA in Communication. I’m proud of my institution’s academic and athletic past and even more excited about its future growth prospects over the next 25 years.

So when I read lately about the city of Boston’s not so coordinated effort to stonewall BC, I get pretty wound up. It’s just getting heated so look for more commentary in this blog. With Mayor Menino flip-flopping, declining comment in certain situations (probably doesn’t have his message in line with the Boston Redevelopment Authority), and the Brighton “activists” letting emotion rule the day, it’s going to be a fun couple of years.

To fill you in, here are a few articles from the past couple of weeks illustrating just how insane it’s getting.

(Boston Globe) City wants BC to pay more for dorm plan

(Boston Globe) Mayor calls BC’s $1B expansion an intrusion

(Boston Globe) Newton eyes payments from expanding Boston College

(Boston Magazine) Over His Dead Body

I wrote a letter to the Globe today and cc’d the mayor’s office, Sec of State Galvin (one of the Brighton activists), and BC’s VP of Public Affairs, Jack Dunn. I pasted it below. I plan to post any response I recevie in future posts as well

The War Against Boston College is now fully underway.

First we have Mayor Menino instructing BC should only house its student body on the Chestnut Hill Campus, despite the obvious fact there’s zero free space remaining. What doesn’t he understand about that? However, it’s ironic that he’s willing to compromise by bribing BC to pay more than its fair share in property tax for the 2000 Commonwealth Ave building.

While the Mayor stonewalls BC’s meritorious goals in becoming a top 10 educational institution, the Brighton neighborhood (along with Sec of State Galvin) claims that “BC is being disingenuous” by planning student dorms on its newly acquired Brighton Campus. Cleary, this group would like to see nothing more than BC return to its working-class commuter school roots.

Now, Newton Mayor Cohen has joined the fray by attempting to siphon more property tax and in kind donations from this tax-exempt institution. Huh, Mayor?

If BC can’t identify solutions to house its students in a Commonwealth Ave apartment building (which historically is full of BC students anyway) or in its Brighton Campus (which it owns), what does Mayor Menino and the local “activists” have in mind? Sadly, they’ve demonstrated time and time again, they have NO solutions just obstructions.


Rich Young

BC ‘97

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