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The Bright Side of the Dark Side

July 8, 2008
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Former journo turned PR guru, Jon Greer, has a great post from yesterday, Turning Journalists Into PR People. It certainly comes as welcome advice given the mass exodus from the ad driven economy we’re all witnessing and talking about. I love working in the PR industry and trust you will as well.

But remember, writing strong, media friendly, compelling copy is but one facet of your role (unless, of course, the journo comes in as a “Creative Copy Director” or “Chief Idea Officer”). In addition to reading about current trends and the daily news, crafting pitches and drafting press releases, you’ll also find yourself:

  • managing people
  • managing clients
  • managing egos
  • driving campaign review presentations
  • assessing messaging
  • collaborating with several colleagues on a particular project all day, every day
  • drafting plans and time lines
  • answering such questions as “Why doesn’t BusinesWeek want to write a positive story about us – we’re a public company?”
  • chasing the same journalist for five days to confirm a simple interview
  • reporting, reporting, reporting (as in “reporting” to the client on what your team is accomplishing)
  • hiring clients
  • firing clients
  • hiring employees
  • firing employees
  • attending trade shows as the “hunter” rather than the “hunted”
  • not placing your phone on “do not disturb”

Oh yeah, one very important piece of advice – start learning the art of punctuality ASAP.

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