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Journalists leaving by the dozen, so where do they go?

April 5, 2008

Stephen Baker of BusinessWeek’s Blogspotting wrote about the commonality of when journalists leave publications where they tend to end up – i.e. not with other publications. Check it out.

Baker’s post is extremely topical given a conversation I had with the editor of Baseline Magazine last week. I asked about a freelancer I had worked with over the years and if he was still writing for any of the Ziff Davis pubs. The reason I asked was because it seemed he dropped off the face of the earth – hadn’t seen his byline for quite a while. The editor of Baseline put it pretty succinctly: “I’m not surprised, many of the freelancers are doing more and more corproate writing and ghost writing gigs. It pays 10 times as much…”

Just another example of journalists departing the ad driven economy and taking their writing talents elsewhere. Oh, now that I think of it, a college mate of mine who reported for Bloomberg and Forbes for the past couple of years left and went to an analyst firm.

Will be following this trend more closely. Thanks for the heads up, Stephen.


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