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Hit the ground sprinting, but remember it’s a marathon: StandoutJobs

February 14, 2008


I just came across Ben Yoskovitz’s recent blog post, Launching a Startup is Barely Step One. Ben is the CEO of startup StandoutJobs, which successfully launched at DEMO.

Got your track shoes on, Ben?

Couldn’t agree more on the importance of maintaining buzz post launch. Just because you hob nobbed with dozens of powerful influencers in Palm Desert, so did 76 other start ups. And chances are pretty good those influencers have already forgotten about you if the momentum plan has yet to kick in. For example, CNN’s “American Morning” is doing an ongoing series through February on workplace issues and all things pertaining to work, job seeking, etc. Perfect opportunity to ride the Demo buzz into a segment on a national news program.

You see, DEMO 08 is to technology startups what the Iowa caucus is to the presidential candidates. Both are super noteworthy given the amount of media attention leading up to, during the Tuesday and just after. Candidates spend multi millions. Tech startups spend multi thousands. However, Iowa is quickly forgotten and attention is firmly set on the Granite state the next week, then Super Tuesday, then Texas, Ohio etc. My point: what’s important to tech startups and candidates is what comes after, day-in-and-day-out, not what actually takes place on that one day.

However, Ben gets it. Yet another example of today’s startup doing it (i.e. media relations and PR) the right way as compared to the “1.0” version in 1999. He writes:

Launching at an event like DEMO is great for generating buzz, but it dies quickly, unless you have a plan for maintaining it. That means focusing on more PR into the mainstream media, pushing the blogosphere and concocting crazy viral schemes to get people talking. One of the worst things you can do after launch is ignore the buzz machine. Hopefully as a startup founder you have some experience in the world of social media and you understand the importance of blogging, social networking and social bookmarking sites. If you don’t, um…figure it out. And quickly. When we launched Standout Jobs nearly 300 people bookmarked our site on which resulted in some great traffic.

I’m always amazed how a majority of CEOs actually believe PR is to be turned off and on like a light switch. It’s refreshing to read Ben’s post and his honesty in divulging that the real PR campaign…err marathon…is now just beginning.

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  1. February 14, 2008 5:45 pm

    Rich – Glad you liked my post on post-DEMO stuff we’re doing to keep the buzz alive with Standout Jobs. Thanks for the worthwhile writeup.

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