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Global Warming = Delicious Beer

February 11, 2008


At least someone other than Al Gore is benefiting from Global Warming.

Heck, we may all be under water in a few hundred years, but who cares, at least we’ll be happy…

From Greenland Brewhouse’s Website:

Greenland Brewhouse is brewing beer with melted inland ice. We shall strongly emphasize that we only collect ice from icebergs. That says, that we use ice,which is already broken off the inland ice, and this ice – icbergs in the fiords – will melt anyhow. We are very much aware of the global warming, and it is very important to us not to destroy or use the unique inland ice, but only use the ice that have broken off. We are strong supporters of sustainable development, and care for nature and environment – and strong opponents of the industrial pollution !

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