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Tech Product Reviews: ROI is not debatable…good or bad

February 7, 2008


I came across Duncan Chapple’s post today commenting on a recent study by the USC’s Marshall Business School which found that the Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg can literally make or break a company with his reviews. Check out the release from late December 2007. Very, very interesting.

What’s ironic about seeing this now is that I explained to a client just this afternoon about the necessity of getting the company’s B2B technology products in the hands of reviewers (despite the B2B reviewer pool ever dwindling). We explained the process which compelled me to do a bit of digging for a future post on the topic of “product reviews.” Seems there are a ton of horror stories out there, but not a whole lot on how to manage a successful evaluation process from start to finish.

As many of you may know, working with product reviewers is one of the more difficult and exigent jobs a PR practitioner can undertake. HOWEVER, it can also be even more rewarding if managed properly. That said, it ain’t no job for entry level account reps or your client will end up looking like the Sprint LG phone in this review.

Stay tuned..

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  1. Duncan Chapple permalink
    February 7, 2008 3:52 pm

    Indeed, there must be a growing niche for vendors-motivated produce reviewers too!

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