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RealBad for RealNetworks

February 3, 2008


Been quite a bit of negative buzz concerning RealPlayer’s designation as “Badware” by The watchdog group issued an alert about two software titles from RealNetworks – RealPlayer 10.5 and RealPlayer 11, saying each violated the group’s badware guidelines. Essentially, they claim that the software surreptitiously installs pop-up ad serving software as well as the Rhapsody media player engine.

Among others, The Washington Post’s Brian Krebs and Larry Dignan of ZDNet have the story. So does San Francisco based Dan Goodin of the Register.

Real’s spokesperson was quick to issue a mea culpa and explain the company’s commitment to fix these issues in future versions. However, the bigger issue and one that’s colossally more difficult “to fix” will be its tarnished reputation. Just take a look at the reader comments trailing these articles. Yikes.

As a RealPlayer user, I’m curious as to how the company uses the social Web to address consumer concerns and nip the privacy issues in the bud. I was hoping for a response letter, of sorts, on the corporate blog but I couldn’t find a blog on their site…

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