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Day 13 comes to an end…

January 15, 2008

So there’s light at the end of the tunnel in completing Phase I of the South Beach diet. We’re nearly done with Day 13.

In all honesty, it really hasn’t been that difficult. Of course, we haven’t really eaten out that much out. Just Dave & Buster’s with the nieces and nephews yesterday but we had salads, and I had my company Xmas party on Friday night, but, again, had a Caesar and seared tuna – no sugar or carbs in either outing.

We’re continuing with this phase through Thursday of this week and then enter Phase II of the diet. I think it’s more of a psychological boost than anything, entering the next phase. The only difference between the two phases is the admission of fruits and whole grains.

I’ve definitely experienced the return of energy and motivation to workout the past week, which is a huge bonus.

Off to New York City tomorrow for a meeting at NRF so I’ll be sure to pack a few South Beach friendly items for the Acela trip.

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