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WSJ slowly opening up

January 11, 2008

Yes there is such thing as a free lunch as the Wall Street Journal writes today on page A14. It’s now making its opinion page content available at for FREE.

Since 2000, we’ve operated in a dual world on the Web. The majority of our daily editorial offerings have remained behind a paid subscription wall at, while our free site,, offered select stories plus a few Web-only features. As of today, those two sites will merge and become a single free site for all Journal opinion, both in the U.S. and overseas editions, book reviews and leisure and arts.

I expect to see the rest of the dominoes (i.e. sections of the paper) to follow suit. It was Murdoch’s plan from day one to make off-line content available online and hes sticking to it. The theory that he’ll continue with keeping content behind a “subscription firewall” to ensure the WSJ’s brand remains exclusive is just plain silly.

Murdoch isn’t worth $9 billion for making poor decisions.

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