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South Beach Chronicles

January 5, 2008


Quick guess where this is…

…it’s South Beach in all its glory. Why am I posting a picture of this haven for sun bathers, spring breakers, athletes, and just plain freaks? Because that is what Amanda and I are on right now – South Beach… diet that is.

Ah, January 1 brings about the requisite resolutions. We’re all guilty of it so admit it. What’s your 2008 resolution?

Anyway, this is the second year in a row we’ve done the South Beach diet. Do we only fad or crash diet and not exercise? Are we grossly overweight? Do we hate carbs? No. No. No. But we do like to “detox,” if you will, from time to time. And what better timing than immediately post holidays when we’ve been stuffing our face with holidays treats and spirits? Especially when it’s minus 10 degrees outside.

So what I pan to do is chronicle our experience over the next month (Phase I and Phase II), share recipes when possible and just offer general advice in eating healthy and exercising “smartly.”

UPDATE (1/4/09): just started with the ’09 version of the (well) deserved detox. Here’s the post on Egg (not Mc)Muffins.

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