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Everybody’s best friend

December 2, 2007

Great column in today’s Boston Globe: A tail of jealousy. Beverly Beckham bemoans the fact that Anna Quindlin wrote a book about her black lab, Beau. Something that Beverly always wanted to do for her now deceased lab, Molly. In an odd sort of way, Beverly is jealous. And I can understand to a degree.
Do I want to write a book to share with the world how special my 7 year-old yellow lab, Bailey, has been to us? No way. Where would I begin anyway?
I’m not jealous of Anna. In fact, I love reading about other’s experiences with their dogs, especially labs. It makes me smile and gets me thinking about all of Bailey’s past mischieviuos behavior, general silliness and knack for shadowing me every waking minute of the day. But most importantly, it gets me thinking about how much joy she’s brought to us in the past and will bring in future.

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  1. Chris Young permalink
    December 5, 2007 8:03 pm

    i love bails!!!

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