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InfoWorld closes its doors

March 27, 2007

In the famous words of Sigmund Freud, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” And sometimes “a failing tech trade is just a failing tech trade”…

Steve Fox, editor-in-chief of InfoWorld, dropped the bombshell today – his publication will cease print operations following the April 2 issue. Despite a less than intriguing internal conspiracy cooked up by Owen Thomas, I believe this is nothing more than a publication running its course after many, many years of success.

With all due respect to the (both editorial and opps) staff at InfoWorld (who I have worked with in some capacity over the past 8 years), the publication has been in a tailspin for a quite some time. Whydoes this come as a surprise to anyone?

Fox and company have done ABSOLUTELY nothing to differentiate its print product while doing a fine job with its online entity (easy to navigate, interesting audio/video content, Tom Sullivan’s podcasts, etc). What good is filling expensive to product glossy pages with news sans analysis that hit last Wednesday, March 21? Chances are pretty good we’ve already read the accounts of Oracle suing SAP and a group of software vendors committed to standardizing on service oriented architecture specifications 27 different ways before the next weeks issue hits the stands.

My point is, I don’t pick up my copy of InfoWorld to get my news fix and nor does anyone else. I get it for product reviews and insightful columns. Guess it’s just more economical to deliver that content via the web rather in the book.
BTW – try to quickly find a link to”This Week’s Issue” on the tech trade’s websites (i.e. eWEEK, ComputerWorld, InfoWorld). Betcha can’t..

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